how to sell more by telling stories

How to sell more by telling stories

Psychologically people are programmed to enjoy good story lines. For your marketing audience to actually understand your concepts and ideas it’s always good to use interesting stories to draw in your audience.

Stories go a long way to make your customers understand your products and services better.  This is so because, your audience will have a way of placing themselves in your shoes as the story teller.  In your story telling, try and make your customer the main character and trace a specific journey with your product or service.

1. Create Connection

Create Connection

For marketer to engage their customers and create a much deeper connection, storytelling has always been the answer. 

This is more important for social media marketers who need to create connections and good relations with their online customers.

This is better than always just bombarding them with adverts and other commercials. Stories are irresistible to the human mind because they make our imaginations come alive and this leaves us with no choice but to follow the mental movies created in our heads.

2. Share your Own Experience

Granted that you wanted to market a service based on your experience, try sharing your own experience like how you were down and now up or how you went from rags-to-riches etc. 

Paint a picture of how terrible things were until you discover this miracle baby which you have compiled into what program you are offering. 

Your story should explain how your new solution was able to bring solutions and assist you in overcoming great obstacles. 

A story in this format serves as a hook and many will identify with it and will get them excited and finally close the sale.

Quite a few things are as captivating as your own personal story, most especially those of triumph over extreme adversity.

3. Give Sensory Details

Give Sensory Details

For you to remain memorable in the circles of your customers, try to mostly adopt the technique of telling stories in all your presentations and product actualizations. 

Which is easier, recounting your experience in the form of a story or reciting the features of a product or the instructions about a service? 

When you are recommending your best restaurant to your friend, do you just talk about the menu or do you share a story of how you enjoyed an amazing dish, and how wonderful the waitresses are etc. 

One of the ways by which you can immerse your audience in your story is to give sensory details that will enable them to actually see, feel, hear, and smell the different stimuli in your story. 

This will turn your presentation into a mental movie that the audience cannot help but engage in. 

Don’t forget to also add dramatization, provocative images, or shocking statistics where necessary.

4. Overcoming the Monster

overcoming the monster

There are variable types of story lines that can be used to tell a very good business story.  To tell business and marketing stories effectively, it is always good to use a common plotline of overcoming the monster.

To explain this quite simply, this plotline is mostly about the good versus the evil or may be the hero versus the villain. 

If you are very familiar with superhero movies you will realize that an underdog always overcomes some kind of difficulties or monster.

Story telling is very relevant for most entrepreneurs who need others to buy into their way of thinking. 

I can share a story of how I started my internet marketing home business and my main monster was how to get traffic to my products and services. 

I had to profile the various methods of getting traffic till I settled with the one most comfortable to me.

I eventually settled for email marketing.  Out of those difficulties I learned to become an email marketing expert and I now teach my customers and others to do the same.  

So your story must always identify your monster and how you were able to overcome that monster by a solution.

The solution could be crafted yourself or how a course or somebody pulled you through. 

Your monster could also be a problem your customers are facing and how you were able to research and discover a small business solution to solve it.

To make your story more attractive as a business owner, just share snippets of your way of doing your business and some key aspect of your life in general.

5. Tell the Good and the Bad

Tell the good and the bad

By focusing purely on the positive aspects of your business without discussing the bad alternatives will make your customers wonder and doubt whether you’ve been in their shoes. 

It will also not portray you as having the entire story and you will miss the most crucial opportunity to connect with your customers.

To continuously keep and engage your loyal audience and also reach more loyal people, you need to tell more stories. 

Find a way to improve your stories and keep going by telling more. 

You will not only attract clients and customers but also great opportunities.

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